• Sliced

    Sliced is the project of a modular furniture system but also of a new process with which the furniture can be customized and sold.
    The process uses computer simulation to generate the custom object and subsequently useful information to digital manufacturing, all directly implementing the option to purchase. The furniture system allows you to create modular tables, user-configurable. The structure, a characteristic of the tables, can be made according to your taste and functional needs, using six different modules called “slice”. The top is also customizable for materials and finishes and for shape and dimensions, which can be realized in function of the chosen structure. This furniture system combined with web application allows the user not only to customize their product, but also to seek still unknown configurations and applications. SLICED open the possibility to experience differents uses, ranging from home as a kitchen table or dining room, or as a coffee table, to a professional such as desk, up to commercial as a bench or display cabinet to set the bar, restaurants, hotels and shops. For those who want to try customizing and has no experience, preconfigured models are available that you can edit using the web app. The product already purchased is still customizable, the user has the possibility to create configuration templates with others, aesthetics and target alternative usage simply by adding, removing, replacing, or scrambling the “slice”, can be purchased separately at any time. The value of this product is also given by the meeting of artisan know-how and technology, elements that characterize the production of the company of fratelli Gaffuri (link), founded over 60 years ago but with the ability to look to the future. An object that shows the result of integration of the new instruments of digital manufacturing with work and skills of men. I work personally to produce within the makerspace WeMake some unique pieces, artistic interpretations consist of modules made of different materials with different thicknesses, colors and finishes as the highest expression of flessibitlità of this product.


    Website : slicedtable.com