• Sliced Table

    Sliced ​​is the project of a modular furniture system but also a new process by which furniture can be purchased, produced and sold. I work on the entire process, that start with the online configurator that defines the features by integrating all phases into a single flow of information. The user has the ability to customize and buy his own table through an interface on the website slicedtable.com. Purchase confirmation automates generated customized production information, including file paths, quantity of material, but also useful information to the buyer, such as size and price. The system allows to create modular tables, fully customizable. Formally the peculiarity of this project is the structure of the table that can be composed according to its aesthetic taste and functional need, using six different modules called "slice". The top is also customizable for materials and finishes, for shapes and sizes, which can be made according to the chosen structure. Is possible to create some unique pieces, artistic interpretations consist of modules made of different materials with different thicknesses, colors and finishes as the highest expression of fexibility of this product. The value of this product is also given by the encounter between artisan culture and technological innovation, my competences in parametric design and the creation of the technological apparatus useful to automate the various phases of the process combined with the culture and the productive value of a Craftsmanship company  Gaffuri, boasting several generations in the field of wood furnishings, two worlds perfectly integrated into a single process / product.