I am a designer and researcher, working in the fields of design, manufacture, robotic and programming. I design products and processes with a strong creative component, following innovative and visionary ways. I focus my work on people, materials and shapes, experimenting new methods, techniques and production technologies. I want automating the non-standard; synchronizing advanced digital design, robotics production and assembly to obtain diversity in design and flexibility in production. I develop functionality and aesthetics according to sustainable productive and commercial processes, innovative or alternative, designed to eliminate overproduction and to add value to raw materials, approaching the design value to the handcraft production value and the possibilities given by new technologies. My projects are rooted in the tradition of the production but they look to the future, I believe that knowledge of the traditional craftwork can add cultural significance to the technological progress. I consider the sharing of competence, expertise, and contents very essential for the growth of the collective knowledge. My creative thought combines design and manufacturing, digital and analogic, code and material, spiritual and physical. I define my work postindustrial design.
In 2020 he found Materea, a company specialized in high-tech design and manufacturing processes development, based on the design, engineering and planning of physical and digital tools and products, automated and robotic production lines and advanced design, manufacturing and e-commerce.
Personal Details
Born in 1988 in Lecco, Italy
Lives and works in Milan (MI) and Lesmo (MB), Italy
Teacher of design and computational design for digital and robotic manufacturing for FDA at Cariplo Factory in Milan, Italy
Teacher of 3D printing for fashion and design’ at Domus Academy in Milan, Italy
Teacher of 3D printing techniques and tools’ and ‘sharing license and practices in design’ at MiGenerationLab program in Milan, Italy
Teacher of digital 3D modeling, scanning and computational design at fabricademy at Wemake makerspace
Teacher of 3D printing in robotics at IndexLab | Politecnico di Milano
Teacher of creative robotics at Siam 1838
Working and Collaboration
Design researcher, technology manager and teacher at WeMake maker space in Milan, Italy
Computational designer, creative technologist and digital fabrication specialist at Wood-skin
Research and development on additive manufacturing processes in robotic at IndexLab 
Research and development on products and digital fabrication processes at Fontegrafica
Other collaborations
Politecnico di Milano
Gaffuri Arredamenti