3Dimensional Weaving

robotically crafted fashion

3Dimensional weaving is an experimental manufacturing process that use the concept of 3d printing mixed with concept of knitting. It's a process designed to give life to a new manufacturing and commercial model, aimed at fabricating customized products in the same place of their marketing as the artisans of the past did in their shops, but in a place of the future, automated and technological, in which the end user can customizes his own object which is subsequently produced by embodying the values of the craft. The process concerns the weaving of textile materials, leather and derivatives and therefore requires weft and warp and a loom on which to weave the weave. The frame combined with the formal possibilities given by the six axes of the anthropomorphic robots allows the intertwining of a three-dimensional shape. The process includes several elements of equal importance integrated together. A software available to users for customizing the shapes, materials and other aesthetic features with which they can create their own product that directly generates information and useful metafiles for the production of the various parts that make up the object, from the parts cut with the atom machines, to the shapes of the frame elements that then characterize the shape, up to the code for the robot that performs the weaving.