Algorhitmic Ceramics

Programmed meet randomized

Algorithmic Ceramics is the evolution of 3D Printing Clay project and like Bit_traces project is finalized to explore the potential of the design using directly the code as a creative tool but in a three-dimensional space.  The theme of this project is the exploration of unpredictability as the rapprochement to craft value in contrast to the standardized production, classic feature of the machines product. The process combines programmed elements and random elements, so that the same code doesn't produce the same object.  The code is generated with an unconventional way, without the use of a “slicing” software which produce coordinates from a 3d model, but directly generating from an algorhitm, which includes a series of  controlled variables useful to obtain unexpected results, defined not only by the code, but also by the plasticity and composition of the material and from the Earth’s gravity. Research has led me to enhance the scratching of the surface given by the deposition layers, obtaining interesting aesthetic results from what in additive manufacturing is usually considered a defect.