Automated Polymers

Robotic 3D printing

Automated polymers is the project with which I started my research on additive manufacturing processes applied to the anthropomorphic robot, the project's aim was to develop an additive manufacturing system for polymers embeddable to anthropomorphic robots enviroment, including end-effector with FDM extruder and slicers able to make classic slicing with filling, spyralized slicing, non-linear slicing and multidirectional slicing. I have designed and built the extruder from the most popular 3D printing templates, you can control temperature, flow, and retraction that allow discontinuously printing. The slicer allows you to get the code for the machine containing the movement coordinates, speed and functions for the extruder, starting from two-dimensional traces and three-dimensional models of various kinds. I also wanted to experiment with unconventional slicing such as nonlinear slicing that allows extruding variable-height layers or multidirectional slicing that allows you to obtain horizontal and vertical layers that increase the object's strength as well as produce in both cases Interesting aesthetic results. Automated polymers was born under the rOBOTRIP research project for which in the team set up by Wemake, I am responsible for the design, development and implementation of end-effectors and fabrication process.