Automated hand draws

Bit_traces is a research project aimed to explore the potential of artistic production that uses the code for machines as a creative tool, the result is a series of illustrations painted with felt pens, pens, pencils and other tools for writing and drawing, thanks to a digital tool with which you can create the machine code in a flexible way. The code generation process isn't intended for a single machine and therefore not only one type of code is used, but the flexibility of this system is exploited to interact with different machines, from the classic 3D printer, passing for milling machines up to industrial robots, all hacked and equipped with a drawing tool. The result can't compare with a printed production because it isn't a print of an illustration, the digitalization of the process is not aimed at the faithful reproduction of an image, but consists in drawing and painting in the traditional sense of the term, through code. The theme of this project is the exploration of the space between manual and digital production in the artistic field, in which I work halfway between these two worlds, looking for the typical and characteristic values of both, with the aim of thoroughly understanding how they relate between them, contrasting and complementing it self.