optimized voxel furniture

IndeXchair is a proof of concept born with the aim to explore the increase complexity in the manufacture of furnishing through development of a form generation process based on combinatorial geometry. The process begins with voxel discretization that allows to assign different properties to different areas of the object and also give it aesthetic peculiarity that making you imagine the materialization of the code. The voxels that describe the new shape are analyzed and after a structural analysis is performed topological optimization that serves to identify those essentiasl for structural purposes by separating them from others. Those structurally indispensable remain unchanged in the position and thus also the structural characteristics of the chair, while all the others converge in a further passage of the algorithm that relocates them randomly and combining it with those kept unchanged so as to create the final shape, an agglomeration of cubes in which the initial shape is recognized remotely but with a series of variations repeatable indefinitely, each time the calculation is relaunched or the parameters are changed even slightly. This allows to obtain infinite variations of one same object, generating a product with a high degree of customization with a very high probability that the object is a single piece every time and it is also possible to continuously process new shapes starting from different models each time, in this specific case starting from the panton chair, object with the iconic and conceptually opposite shape.